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Strömsö is the Finnish national broadcasting company YLE’s awarded and most popular lifestyle television show. It airs in Finland weekly and is also broadcasted in other Nordic countries.

Ventie featured on father’s day

I had the pleasure to visit the shows studio in Västervik a few weeks ago. On Sunday the 8th of November, I’m glad to tell you that, I am featured as the show’s guest. The awesome host Elin Skagersten-Ström and I discussed bow ties, how and when to wear them, how to tie them and how to make them. If you’re not up for the challenge to try and make them yourself you can always head over to the store and buy one.

If you’re not able to see YLE’s channels, the program will probably be available online worldwide before long. A short teaser is already viewable online where I show Elin and the viewers how to tie a bow tie. Watch the clip here.

Photo copyright Yle.

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