Who makes Ventie’s bow ties?


All Ventie bow ties are handmade by Simon Ventus, the man behind Ventie. Now why does a man from Finland start sowing bow ties, you might ask. The short answer is, because I wanted to learn how to tie a bow tie, and none of the stores in Vasa where I live sold self-tie bow ties at the time, so I decided to learn how to sow.

The slightly longer answer is I used to collect ties. Whenever I traveled I bought a tie as a souvenir, something that would help me remember the places I had visited every time I wore a tie. At some point I realized bow ties were way cooler inĀ so many ways, so I started to buy bow ties instead. As a novice bow tie-wearer, of course I made the classic mistake of buying pre-tied bow ties, the kind I (now) suppose is originally intended for six-year-olds to wear. When it occurred to me that no one would (or should) take me seriously in a pre-tied neck tie, I figured why should they (and they probably didn’t) take me seriously in a pre-tied bow tie? So I realized, as every current or future bow-tie wearer should, that I needed to learn how to tie a bow tie. Since I didn’t own one, the first step was to buy one. However, none of the local stores sold proper bow ties. That’s when I decided I needed to learn how to sow. A steep learning curve later, a lot of product development and – let’s be honest – failed attempts at both sowing and tying a bow tie Ventie was born. I’m now proud to be able to offer hand made bow ties, sown by myself in Finland with love and passion for a proper bow tie.

Ventie offers exclusive bow ties

I handpick the fabrics Ventie’s bow ties are made of. I love the process of holding a fabric in my hands, trying to figure out if the weight is just right. Trying to imagine how the pattern or color will turn out when sown. I take pride in only buying small quantities of a single fabric, in fact I only make five or six bow ties of a certain color or pattern. This way Ventie’s customers can be pretty sure that no one will turn up at the party, sporting the same bow tie as the next guy. Exclusive, that’s the right word isn’t it?

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