What makes Ventie unique?

Ventie Bow Ties

There is an abundance of store’s, brick and mortar as well as online, that sell a wide variety of bow ties. There are, however, a few things that makes Ventie unique in the bow tie market. Whilst these factors may not be of importance to every consumer, I think that maybe these things might matter to you. So what makes Ventie stand out from the rest?

1. There’s no stock

That’s right. There is no stock. When you order a bow tie to perfect your outfit I receive an e-mail and begin ironing, cutting, sewing, ironing, stitching and packaging. Each Ventie webstore order is individually catered for. Not only do you know where and by who your new accessory is made, you know it is made, with love, especially for you.

2. There are only seven of each

No more showing up at the party with the same bow tie as the other guy. When I buy fabric for Ventie’s bow ties I only purchase enough to make a maximum of seven bow ties. Not only is your new bow tie made for you, there are also a maximum of six other people in the world that wear the same bow tie as you do.

3. Selected patterns

When I pick out fabrics and patterns I keep four things in mind – the color, the pattern, the feel and you. I mostly choose colors that are easily combinable with different shirts, jackets and cardigans. In my opinion the patterns can, but don’t have to, be bold. The important thing is that the patterns are small enough to look awesome when tied around your neck. The feel of the fabric is almost as important, if I like the touch of the fabric I hope that you will too. Finally, I try to position myself in your shoes, asking questions like: What would you like to wear at a dinner party? What kind of a bow tie would suit you at a night out with your friends? Is this a bow tie you’d wear to work?
But that’s not all. I might get it wrong. I might not have just what you are looking for. Don’t worry, I can help, as I have done for many weddings. Maybe you want to have a bow tie or bow ties in a certain color scheme or with a particular pattern. With my guidance you can choose your own fabric. Or commission me to find the one that fits perfect for the groom and his best men.

Ventie creates custom handmade bow ties for you.

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