A visit to a local linnen mill


Last week I got the opportunity to visit Jokipiin Pellava, which is a local linnen maker, to see if I would be able to source linnen fabric directly from their looms.

The company has been around since 1920 and is family owned to this day. In the late 1990’s their local supplier of linnen thread shut down, and the company’s future was in jeopardy. They managed, however, to find a new supplier in Italy that produced linnen thread in a manner that met Jokipiin Pellava’s ecological standards.

Timo Laurila, CEO of Jokipiin Pellava, graciously found the time to show me around the mill and told me about their production process. After looking at different options to try out he provided me with a couple of sample fabrics. I especially liked the pattern Lakeus by textile designer Elina Helenius. Lakeus is finnish and means expance, which is suitable if you look at a topographical map of where the mill is situated. According to Mr. Laurila the pattern resembles Ostrobothnia as viewed from above.
When I got back to Ventie’s studio, I started working with the fabrics. Sadly, I rather quickly had to concede my plans to turn my locally sourced linnen fabrics into bow ties. The fabric is too thick. However, as it were, it makes quite nice neck ties. So, as a one off, Ventie offers a neck tie made out of locally produced linnen. Due to supply it can currently only be bought locally. You might be able to get your hans on one at this new market in December.

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