fb-logoVentie is a small Finnish brand that makes custom handmade bow ties. It all started when Ventie’s founder Simon Ventus wanted to learn how to tie a bow tie. The first natural step in tying one is owning one. He went to all the local stores.┬áTo his surprise self-tie bow ties were nowhere to be found.
Instead of giving up on his goal to learn how to tie a bow tie, something every gentleman with self respect should know how to do, he decided to sew his own.
That was the start of Ventie, a one man venture that creates spectacular custom bow ties by hand.

Ventie sells self-tie bow ties in various patterns that can be found in the shop, but also caters for special requests. For example, Ventie has already supplied customized bow ties for numerous weddings. Please feel free to contact Ventie if you are looking for something special. Ventie is here to make the world a better looking place.

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